Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How the word 'Interface' came into OOP terminology

I thought of framing the question as (why the name for Interface is interface in Object Oriented Programming) :-). What ever, Just keep OOP aside and think what is an 'interface'?. What is the interface to your home/room/office?.

Interface is nothing but the way an object get exposed to the external world. That means you can play around with any object by its interface only. Now come to OOPs. U can play around with an object/class using its variables and its methods only(Is it Not?). Therefore interface to(of) a class is nothing but a its(class's) variables and method signatures.

Now come to Interface in OOPs..Afterall interface is also a class but it just consist only the variables and method signatures. Hence A class which just contains the details of its interface is called Interface.


Arvind said...

Good Logical explanation

Raj said...

A very nice explanation.A bit more explanation is required i guess.good work keep it up

Anonymous said...

maybe you can explain using an example inorder to make it more meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent suren!!!!!!!
U'r example is more general

Anonymous said...

I find some information here.

Anonymous said...

Good explanation suri..
but the other logic i heard that a data block can hold the data of more than one table only when they were clustered. need to be researched regarding..

Ganga raju..

Anonymous said...

Nice explanation. I think you could explain details in which case it is usable.


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